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On Passion Sunday, or on Good Friday, it is not unusual to hear the entire account of Jesus’ trial and crucifixion read.  One church l visited had a very long reading – the Passion narrative from all four gospels read consecutively!  It took well...
1 Samuel 15: 34 - 16: 13
Easter is not a statement of metaphysical profundity; it’s a commitment to a way of living.  To say ‘Jesus is risen’ is a commitment to living the way of Jesus, despite all that happened to him.  It is about celebrating that even though justice-love...
Matthew 28: 1 - 10
Today I take off my shoes and walk for a short while on that uncertain, stony, and hallowed ground called suffering.  It’s a ground where expertise counts for naught, the power of influence is laughable, and empathy is the paramount currency.
John 18: 1 - 19: 42

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