Wedding Information

St Luke's is a very beautiful stone gothic-style building that is available for anyone to be married in, have a Civil Union, or blessing ceremony.  We also have a very pleasant Common Room area for drinks and nibbles afterwards.  Please drop in and see.

Answers to some FAQs:

Can Anyone Be Married In St Lukes?

Yes. We have no requirement that one or both of you must be a member of St Luke's, or be a Presbyterian, or be baptised.
It does not matter if one or both of you are from another or no church background.  Gay and lesbian couples are also welcome.

Can Our Wedding Be Conducted By Our Own Or Another Minister / Pastor?

Yes.  There will be a St Luke's person on site as well.

Does It Matter If One Of Us Has Already Been Married Or In A Civil Union?

No. A legally dissolved former marriage or civil union is not a barrier to a wedding in St Luke's. 
If you are currently in a civil union as a couple, the civil union must be dissolved before you can marry one another.

Does It Matter If We Are Already Living Together? 

No. Most weddings conducted in St Luke's are of people who have already begun living together.
We make no judgement on how other people have chosen, as responsible adults, to arrange their lives. 

Do We Have To Have Attend Any Classes Or Courses? 

No. We do however recommend you attend a course during your engagement period. 

Do We Have To Come To Church At St Lukes Before Our Wedding? 

No, but yes.  We make no demand that you do this. However we would enjoy your company with us one Sunday. 

Can We Write Our Own Vows?

Yes.  In fact, you can incorporate whatever prayers, readings and music you like.

Which Door Would We Use?

The entrance in the tower facing Remuera Road (the glass doors) is used for weddings. 
Wheel-chair access is available through the main entrance up the drive.  

Can We Provide Our Own Organist Or Other Musician(S)? 

Yes.  Any other organist needs to be approved by the St Luke's organist. We are happy to play recorded music if that is requested.

Can We Arrange Our Own Flowers?

Maybe, but..  We would prefer to use our own arrangers who are experienced in providing appropriate arrangements in St Luke's.  

Are There Any Restrictions As To When A Wedding Can Take Place?

The legal hours of marriage are between 6am and 10pm any day.  Within reason, we will conduct weddings on any day, including Sunday,
when the church is available, except for Good Friday, and Christmas Day.  

Can We Decorate The Ends Of The Pews?

Yes, by tying any decorations on, and removing them after the wedding.  

Do We Need A Rehearsal?

Yes. Rehearsals are scheduled for an hour usually the day before the wedding day, and this time also includes placing any decorations in the church.

How About Parking? 

Availability of parking depends on what else is happening in the buildings. 
We usually reserve the 11 spaces in the car park on the Newmarket side of the Church for family.

How Much Does It Cost To Be Married In Saint Lukes?

The cost of the wedding ceremony is $1,100 inc gst.  This fee includes the cost of the rehearsal, and the use of the church for two hours on your wedding day.
The non-refundable booking fee of $300 is paid when you book the wedding.  The balance is paid a week before the wedding.

Our community centre can be hired for an extra fee if you wish to have drinks & nibbles after the ceremony.  This option is totally dependant on whether other groups are already booked into the centre that day.  If you bring your own minister, or hire the community centre after the ceremony, we request a $200 bond which is fully refundable if our T&C's are met.


What Do We Do Next? 

To book your wedding, you need to contact the administrator.  Your wedding will be pencilled in.  You need to return the booking form with the $300 booking fee for your wedding date to be confirmed.   If our minister, Glynn Cardy, is marrying you, then please contact him three months before your wedding day and arrange a time to meet. or 09 520 0678.

Administrator: Pamela Day
or phone 520 0740

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