Richard Randerson "Are we a moral nation? The upcoming election & inequality"

Wednesday, 16 August 2017 - 7:30pm

We live in troubled times with growing numbers in western society marginalised, and alienated, through poverty, homelessness and related causes. This seminar examines the socio-economic realities for New Zealand and offers a critique of the neo-liberal values which underpin them. By contrast, Gospel values of mutuality and well-being raise critical questions about choices for all Kiwis in the September 23rd election.

Richard Randerson is a retired Anglican bishop, now living in Wellington, whose 50 years in ministry have focused on the church’s engagement with the wider society, addressing issues of poverty and justice, ethics in the public square and contemporary issues of theology and inter-faith. 


Join us at 7:30pm for 75 minutes

$15 waged    $10 unwaged

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Slipping the Moorings is the title of Richard Randerson’s memoir which addresses key issues such as God in the 21st century, ethics in the public square, poverty, justice and the Gospel, same-sex relationships, climate change, the future of the Church and more.  It will be available for $20 and may also be invoiced.

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