Sunday 19 March 2017



Liturgist – Sue Olliff    Minister – Glynn Cardy  
Duty Elder – Geoff Olliff   Organist – Stephen Vincent
Readers – Lynne Maude, Roger Williams   Intercessions – Neil Wright

Hospitality – Curt & Megan Davidson, Lynn Maude, Annette Hood, Colin & Olinda Woodroffe, Jim Feist

SLIKS – Martin Needham & Rebecca Hayward   Crèche – Maria Cardy



World Council of Churches’ Calendar – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Within the Nation – HEALTH.  GPs; medical specialists; nurses; dentists; providers of alternative therapies; chaplains; hospital administrators, support and maintenance staff; care-givers for the chronically ill or disabled.

Within St Luke’s – Wilma Furness; Richard Gapes; Rob & Viv Gapes; Peter & Rachael Goffin



1.  TODAY we welcome in baptism Olivia Maude, the daughter of Andrew and Jade, and the grand-daughter of Lynn.

2.  TONIGHT, SEA OF FAITH from 7pm, asks “Why are good people divided by politics and religion?”  That’s the title of a book by social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, and if you ask yourself:  Why do you admire Donald Trump? or why you admire Bill English? or why you admire Jacinda Ardern?, then  Professor Haidt will tell you the answer.  He is not trying to convert you to his favourite politics: just trying to open up some understanding.  Listen to the online Ted Talk lecture of just 20 minutes and then in discussion, put ourselves and our own political heroes in the picture.

3.  FIRST N THIRD MORNING TEA, Tuesday 21 March, 10.30am.  All welcome.

4.  A DIFFERENT SERVICE: “BEFRIENDING PURPLE”.   26th March, there will be a different kind of service at 9.30am.  Its theme is "Befriending Purple" and you are invited to wear something purple to the service.  The music will be different - reflective music, songs accompanied by the piano, chants, and recorded music.  The seating will be different - there will be chairs, as well as some pews.  The sermon will be different - it will be short, and followed by small group discussion.  The prayers too will be different.  This is the first 'A Different Service' this year.  The next one will be on Pentecost, June 4th.

5.  STAFF LEAVE.  From Thursday 23 March, Pamela is away visiting her family in Dubai.  Carol will be covering reception Monday-Thursdays, with Barbara Smith and Glynn sharing the Fridays.  Pamela returns to St Luke’s on Tuesday 18 April.

6.  “THE BOOK OF EVAN” brings together Evan Sherrard’s mostly unpublished writings in various fields of interest, together with contribution from some 40 people, including his family, who represent the breadth and depth of influence that Evan’s work and life had – and continues to have.  The book launch is being held on Tuesday 4 April from 5.30pm in The Foyer, AF Building, AUT North, 90 Akoranga Drive, Northcote.  Pay and display parking is available on campus.  Evan’s book will be available for purchase at the special price of $40.  RSVP BY 27TH MARCH to

7.  THANK YOU FROM KEITH STEWART’S FAMILY.  Ros and Victoria thank all St Lucans who attended Keith’s 100th birthday celebration and helped make it such a joyous occasion.  They say the generous contributions towards afternoon tea and to the Church Organ Restoration Fund were very much appreciated, as were the gifts and many cards that will remind Keith of the day.   It was so nice to hold his birthday at St Luke’s where Keith and family have had such a long association.  Many thanks to the church community for the use of the venue.

8.  CHRISTIAN HISTORY IN AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND: The early 20th century.  Allan Davidson presents four lectures continuing the story of Christianity in Aotearoa New Zealand. These topics arise from issues that were prominent during the first two decades of the twentieth century. 

  • The Churches and Maori religious leaders and their movements – Rua Kenana – Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana
  • Religious Bigotry and Prejudice Protestant – Catholic tensions and sectarian strife
  • The Churches and Challenges to Theology and Darwinian Debates Liberal Protestantism and Emerging
  • Fundamentalism
  • The Churches, War and Death Christian responses to the South African War (Boer War) and the First World War

Four Thursday evenings 7.30–9pm Thursday April 20, Thursday April 27 Thursday May 4 and Thursday May 11. 

Cost:  $40 (or $30 concession).  Please sign the list at reception.

9.  CHARTER FOR COMPASSION.  Recently, at the recommendation from the Social Justice Team, the Community of Saint Luke became a partner of the Charter of Compassion, a worldwide movement dedicated to placing compassion at the heart of all human activity:   The charter was founded by Karen Armstrong and is an expression of solidarity of Christian communities and other religious and educational groups, corporate bodies and cities around the world.  It doesn’t cost anything for organisations to join, though individuals can become paying members.  The Social Justice Team commends the work of the Charter of Compassion and encourages individuals to join the organisation that advocates compassion and justice throughout the world. Information of what the Charter is doing can be found on our website

10.  WEDDING “VERGER”.  We are seeking to employ a person to be on site for weddings and rehearsals that are conducted by an outside minister.  Rehearsals are usually up to 1.5 hours, and a wedding is approximately 2 hours in the church, and possibly 2-3 hours extra if the centre is being used for drinks & nibbles after the ceremony.  Duties include opening and locking the church, and centre if need be; answering questions; ringing the bells; time management of celebrations; ensuring the wedding party leave the church and centre as they find it.  This is a paid position.  Please contact Glynn.

11.  MISSION OUTREACH SPENDING.  You are invited to propose spending money from the Community of St Luke (CSL) Mission Outreach fund.  CSL has budgeted up to $10,000 for outreach expenditure this financial year.  The Social Justice Team coordinated by David McNabb is managing the process.  The following process has been agreed to by Parish Council. 


Proposals must be sent or given to David McNabb or Sue Olliff by Sunday 2 April.  Email is preferred:  - phone David for further information 021 280 723.
The Social Justice Team reviews the proposals and makes recommendations.
Parish Council reviews recommendations on Wednesday 26 April.
Funding decision is announced Sunday 30 April or soon after.





·       WEDNESDAY, 12.30-1.30pm, mid-week communion
·       THURSDAY, 10 – 12noon, Mah jong
·       THURSDAY, 1 – 3pm, Knitwits – a knitting and craft group – all welcome
·       FRIDAY, 10.30am – 11.30am, Centering Prayer

Music – Kathryn Jones & Stephen Vincent

SLIKS – Ling Yang, Anna Cardy   Crèche – Vivienne Hayward


130 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland 1050  

Community Centre & Church Office: Phone 520 0740

Website     Facebook

Minister: GLYNN CARDY  021 545 969;

Community Programmes Manager:   CAROL FRASER  520 0199;

Youth Worker: MARIA CARDY  021 111 2592; 

Administrator: PAMELA DAY  520 0740;

Parish Council Convener: DAVID McNABB;

Envelope Secretary: MARGARET TIBBLES, 846 7682 (h);



PASTORAL.  If you know of anyone needing support, a listening ear, a phone call or a visit at home or in hospital,

please contact Pamela

NEWCOMERS: Anyone wishing to become a member or associate of the Community of Saint Luke, or simply to join the mailing list, please check out the yellow form on the screen bench inside the church door.


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