Sunday 5 March 2017

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Community of Saint Luke





Liturgist – Geoff Olliff    Minister – Glynn Cardy  
Duty Elder – Penelope Stevenson   Organist – Stephen Vincent
Readers – Barbara Smith, Robin Flynn   Intercessions – Allan Davidson

Hospitality – Curt & Megan Davidson, Lynn Maude, Annette Hood, Colin & Olinda Woodroffe, Jim Feist

SLIKS – Anna Cardy   Crèche – Margaret Tibbles



World Council of Churches’ Calendar – Ireland; United Kingdom: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Within the Nation – FOOD.  Food producers, distributors and retailers; food cooperatives, home gardeners; restaurateurs and café operators; food bank operators; the malnourished – children, adults, the elderly

Within St Luke’s – Karen & David Fehl, Anna, Charlotte, Hamish; Jim & Lois Feist



1.  TODAY AT 11am, INTER-FAITH DISCUSSION for anyone interested in our inter-faith activities at St Luke's.  Currently we have two pilgrimages.   The question is 'could we do more?' and 'what are other like-minded groups doing?'   In regard to the latter question, Glynn has invited Jocelyn Armstrong from the Religious Diversity Trust to be present.

2.  FIRST N THIRD MORNING TEA, Tuesday 7 March, 10.30am.  All welcome.

3.  WEDDING “VERGER”.  We are seeking to employ a person to be on site for weddings and rehearsals that are conducted by an outside minister.  Rehearsals are usually up to 1.5 hours, and a wedding is approximately 2 hours in the church, and possibly 2-3 hours extra if the centre is being used for drinks & nibbles after the ceremony.  Duties include opening and locking the church, and centre if need be; answering questions; ringing the bells; time management of celebrations; ensuring the wedding party leave the church and centre as they find it.  This is a paid position. 

4.  “THE BOOK OF EVAN” brings together Evan Sherrard’s mostly unpublished writings in various fields of interest, together with contribution from some 40 people, including his family, who represent the breadth and depth of influence that Evan’s work and life had – and continues to have.  The book launch is being held on Tuesday 4 April from 5.30pm in The Foyer, AF Building, AUT North, 90 Akoranga Drive, Northcote.  Pay and display parking is available on campus.  RSVP by 27 March to  Evan’s book will be available for purchase at the special price of $40.

5.  MISSION OUTREACH SPENDING.  You are invited to propose spending money from the Community of St Luke (CSL) Mission Outreach fund.  CSL has budgeted up to $10,000 for outreach expenditure this financial year.  The Social Justice Team coordinated by David McNabb is managing the process.  The following process has been agreed to by Parish Council.


Members of the congregation propose a person or group to be funded, with a recommended amount and an explanation as to how their proposal aligns with the principles for funding (below).
The Social Justice Team will review the proposals and make a recommendation to the Parish Council for approval.
That any conflicts of interest are declared.
Not all the $10,000 budget will necessarily be spent.  Money comes from the current budget 2016-2017.
That the decision on the grants is advertised to the congregation on Sunday 30 April or soon after.

Principles on which money can be spent on Outreach for the Community of St Luke:

That the project or service to be funded is aligned with our CSL Mission Plan.
That the person or group getting the funding is well established and trustworthy.
That the person or group has a relationship with CSL or the member promoting their funding.  This could include a group that has a long standing and close relationship with CSL and members.  Or it could include a group who was involved in our Community Programme.  It is beneficial if the relationship with the person or CSL will be enhanced by the funding.
That an attempt be made to fund a range of projects without neglecting a potentially large project.
That funding could be given in more than one financial year.
That the person or group reports back on the outcome of the funding.
That proposers declare any interest they have in the project for funding.


The announcement inviting proposals is made on Sunday 5 March.
Proposals must be sent or given to David McNabb or Sue Olliff by Sunday 2 April.  Email is preferred:  - phone David for further information 021 280 723.
The Social Justice Team reviews the proposals and makes recommendations.
Parish Council reviews recommendations on Wednesday 26 April.
Funding decision is announced Sunday 30 April or soon after.

6.  SPANZ & CHRISTIAN WORLD SERVICE.  Copies of the latest SPANZ magazine and the CWS Summer Story are in reception.

7.  CHORAL EVENSONG at St Mark’s Church, 95 Remuera Road, at 5pm on the third Sunday of each month (from March to November).  The service is an hour long and includes three congregational hymns; a choir singing the regular elements of Choral Evensong (prayers, responses, a chanted psalm, and an anthem); and a brief homily as God’s Word is shared.


                         Notes from February Parish Council Meeting

Trevor Mosley attended a Presbytery meeting to discuss the proposed Northern Presbytery Strategic Realignment and expects that there will be more discussion to work through issues raised in responses.
The Worship Team is planning Easter services, a discussion service on March 26th and a Harvest Festival.  Glynn is interim Moderator of the Worship Team.
Glynn’s Minister’s report included details of two guest preachers, the Reverend Prof Sir Lloyd Geering in May and Rev Dr Peter Matheson in October.
We approved and welcome Alastair Topham as an associate member.
Baptism of Olivia Maude (granddaughter of Lynn Maude) approved for March 19th.
The Social Justice team will be inviting applications for Mission Outreach in March.
CRT advised that Carol Fraser’s final day of work at St Luke’s will be Thursday 27th April 2017.  The Stewardship discussion has been postponed until May.
It was approved that a Junior Youth Group Worker be appointed for a junior group, working 5 hours per week.  Maria Cardy has indicated she will remain with the Senior Group and mentor the Junior Leader, working 7 hours per week, so the net effect is 2 hours more per week.
Parish Council, including the Minister, has agreed to consult with the Presbytery Moderator to assist us in our ongoing role in leading the community.
Angela Murdoch’s resignation as Parish Clerk was accepted, with regret. We will be announcing a suitable time to recognise the contribution of Angela.  We will shortly begin the process for finding a replacement Parish Clerk.  In the meantime, please contact David, Geoff or Penelope for Parish Clerk related business or about these notes.



·       WEDNESDAY, 12.30-1.30pm, mid-week communion
·       THURSDAY, 10 – 12noon, Mah jong
·       THURSDAY, 1 – 3pm, Knitwits – a knitting and craft group – all welcome
·       FRIDAY, 10.30am – 11.30am, Centering Prayer
9.30am Community Worship


Liturgist – Penelope Stevenson   Preacher – Glynn Cardy   Duty Elder – Kathryn Jones

Serving elders – Pam Elgar, Stephen Styants, Margaret Parr, Stephen Vincent, Nick Paschalis, Barbara Smith

Readers – Stephen Styants, and a volunteer    Intercessions – Bruce Miller

Organist – Grant Hutchinson

SLIKS – Ling Yang & Rebecca Hayward   Crèche – Vivienne Hayward


 130 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland 1050  

Community Centre & Church Office: Phone 520 0740

Website     Facebook


Minister: GLYNN CARDY  021 545 969;

Community Programmes Manager:   CAROL FRASER  520 0199;

Youth Worker: MARIA CARDY  021 111 2592; 

Administrator: PAMELA DAY  520 0740;

Parish Council Convener: DAVID McNABB;

Envelope Secretary: MARGARET TIBBLES, 846 7682 (h);


PASTORAL.  If you know of anyone needing support, a listening ear, a phone call or a visit at home or in hospital,

please contact Pamela

NEWCOMERS: Anyone wishing to become a member or associate of the Community of Saint Luke, or simply to join the mailing list, please check out the yellow form on the screen bench inside the church door.


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