November 2017

Friday, 22 December 2017




PRESENT: The Revd Glynn Cardy, David McNabb, David Boswell, Ken Hulls, Geoff Olliff, Trevor Mosely, Colin Rose, Kathryn Jones, Penelope Stevenson, Barbara Smith, Rebeca Hayward, Alexa Johnston

DEVOTIONS: Kathryn opened the meeting with reflections and prayer

APOLOGIES: Andrew Colgan, Paul Martin


Glynn reported that following suggestions made during the recent Mission and Ministry parish discussions, the Sunday Notices now includes a list of persons for whom prayer is requested, noting that the individuals permission is first established prior to inclusion on the list.

He further reported on Glenda Tabuteau (who has substantially recovered from a recent fall), Karl Woodruffe  (who is now out of hospital), and Alison Miller (who has ended her treatment).  Ann Mackenzie remains gravely ill, and prayers are requested  for her and Alan


There were no movements regarding the roll during the last month, which stands at 187 members and 40 associate members.


The minutes of the October meeting having been previously circulated were unanimously confirmed by the meeting.

All action items have been completed with the exception of drawing up of a brief document defining the relationship between ARJT and St Luke’s. Several rounds of discussions have taken and will continue to conclusion.                                                                                                             ACTION: Geoff and Andrew


In future, matters arising from the AGM being:

Signage at the front of the church, will be reported under the Community Director report
Filling of Parish Council vacancies, will be reported under a separate stand-alone item
Continuation or otherwise of the offering will be included in the Worship Committee report



Letters of congratulation and good wishes from the Community were sent to Hon Dr David Parker on his appointment as Minister of Health, and to the Rev Taimoanaifakaofo Kaio on his appointment as Moderator-Elect of PCANZ



-Dr David McKirdy chairperson of Progressive Christianity Network in South Australia thanking Glynn  for his sermons which committee members of the Network had found very helpful and asking for permission to post Glynn Easter 2017  sermon on their website

-Rev Taimoanaifakaofo Kaio thanking St Luke’s for its support

-Email Philip Clarke questioning two items in the AGM minutes regarding accuracy.

-Email from Kerry Stotter regarding the statement he read at the AGM and asking how the PC addresses reviewing the minister’s performance against five points in the 3/6/14 Letter of engagement.

Philip’s email discussed as follows:

The view of the meeting was that the AGM minutes fairly described what Philip had said. The Parish Clerk nevertheless undertook to speak with Philip and agree a possible modification of the two items and report back to the next PC meeting                                                                                 ACTION: Ken

Kerry’s email discussed as follows:

Parish Clerk noted that having now seen the statement in writing, the existing note in the AGM minutes does not fully reflect this and it would be appropriate to replace the existing minute with the words of the statement.

After general discussion it was agreed to prepare a response to the email, to be ready for the next PC meeting.


The names of a number of people were discussed who could be approached with regard to filling the vacancies on Parish Council, of which there are three. A list of names, balanced by gender and age, was established who will be approached.


Ministers Report

Glynn‘s report had been previously circulated. Particularly noted was the progress made during the month following Glynn approaching Grant Hutchinson to lead the Music Pillar, and the success pf the three Mission and Ministry discussions with members.

Ongoing issues with some microphones whose effectiveness is very dependent on speaker’s voice and there ability to project their voice remains an issue, notwithstanding the briefings that are given.

Presbytery Report

Trevor spoke to his previously circulated report. It was noted that both Trevor and Glynn participated in a meeting of Eastern Region Presbytery to explore further drafts to formulate a strategic plan for the whole presbytery. This included participating in workshops on four areas of focus, where discussions revolved around finding points of commonality from different participants.

Nominations are sought, by Dec 13th for the role of Moderator of the Northern Assembly. These can be for a minister or and Elder

Community Director

Colin’s report was circulated prior to the meeting. Colin and Glynn will be addressing the membership on at the Sunday service this week to present the progress on the Social Justice mission theme for 2018 “ leaving Prison for good” music Pillar and update on the Music Pillar.

Discussion on the Music Pillar under this item is minuted below under Item 7

Arising out of discussion (on repair of stonework) the issue of the steps leading to the front doors of the church, and that fact that they may present a Health and Safety due to not having hand rails was noted. CRT was requested to investigate.                                                                                                   ACTION: CRT

Regarding the review of signage, Colin noted that Rilee Signs will shortly be submitting proposals for a revamp of signage at the front of the church

Community Resource Team

CRT report was circulated prior to the meeting. Geoff noted a number of cost items falling due this month which made it non typical - in particular an annual insurance premium. Work is ongoing with brokers to ensure best value for money on insurances.

Social Justice Team

Report circulated prior to the meeting.  David spoke to the intent to review how the budgeted $12,000 mission fund might be allocated this financial year, possibly focussing on a smaller number of recipients and possibly supporting this year’s social justice theme. Glynn noted that there is a similar opportunity in supporting schools in needy areas and that there was a possibly a link with the social justice theme. Decision on how the fund to be allocated will be made at the Feb 2018 SJT meeting.

Community Development Team

Penelope and Colin reported verbally.

The first six months of the 2018 Community program including the design for its presentation, will be concluded by early December for posting on the website. Marketing of individual program events, for which a plan also exists, will be an ongoing activity.

Discussion under this item regarding Communication and Marketing  is minuted under Item 9

Worship Team

Kathryn’s report had been circulated.

Regarding the request from the AGM to review the coninuation of the offertory, feedback for and against both options - offertory bags or box - has been received.  Worship Committee decided that the offertory box would be trialled again, with a piece of meditative music played during the time the offertory would previously have been taken up.  A larger offertory box has been found by Pamela.  A set of FAQ's about the offertory will be provided in the notices.

An opportunity for the congregation give to feedback on worship will be provided after the Service on 18th February.


Subsequent to Glynn’s initial discussion with Grant Hutchinson (and separate advice to Stephen) a number of discussions have taken place with Grant and members of the community concerned with the music activity. This has resulted among other things with Grant producing brief paper setting out his thoughts on vision and goals.

Questions raised by Barbara (links to school of music and or source of new intake for St Luke’s choir) and David B ( seeking more specifics on e.g. what was meant by ‘regular’ in regard use of church for concerts)were responded to noting in particular that levels of detail to answer these were still in development.                                                                                                                            ACTION: Colin                                                                                                                     

After discussion it was proposed by Glynn and seconded by Geoff that a contract be drawn up for Grant to take the position of coordinating and developing the music pillar as a contractor for a period of 12 month, - subject to two suitable references .


The three consultation sessions, with numbers totalling 70 plus, had ben very successful in achieving the sought for input and dialogue.  The process from this point is

-1. Type up the notes from each meeting on an unattributed basis(Glynn wil type up Penelope’s notes)

-2. Prepare a written summary of the key points for feedback to members

-3. Prepare a plan for adopting the findings into St Luke’s Mission and Ministry

                                                                                                                                 ACTION: Glynn


Following recognition that St Luke’s needs to significantly improve its communications and marketing across a wide range of fronts and a number of objectives, including building membership, there was discussion on how this could be achieved. It will need input from suitably qualified /experienced  company or person and the preparation of a brief of what is being sought.                               ACTION: Colin                                                                                                                     


The meeting closed with the saying of the Grace together


Next Meeting 20th December. Time 6 p.m with shared meal





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