About Us
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About Us

Here are some of the important things our community holds dear:

  • the importance of being together, eating together, being ordinary. For we need each other in order to be who we are. And the God who is ‘among and between us’ needs the ‘us’ in order to be known. the importance of laughter and fun. At their best they drive the ‘demons’ of loneliness, fear, and prejudice away.
  • the importance of the little ones, the excluded ones, and those who try hard to hide their wounds.
  • the importance of naming the sacred in our midst, calling it blessed, whether the ‘it’ is an action, a person, an animal, or a relationship.
  • the importance of reading and study, opening the mind to new ideas and connections, and encouraging others to do the same.
  • the importance of slowing down, to look, and to wonder. Sometimes in our haste we miss the glory of God.
  • the importance of music and art; those mediums that feed our spirits in ways we can’t articulate.
  • the importance of writing; creating on the page or screen a spiritual cairn that might assist others on their journeys.
  • the importance of talking together; finding together what might be true and right for us at this point in time.