Our Values and Commitments

Our Values and Commitments

The Community of St Luke has 7 key values, and 5 key areas of commitment

Key values:

  • Spiritual well-being and contemplation.
  • Respect for others, hospitality, and communal care.
  • Inclusion of ethnic/cultural, economic, and gender diversity.
  • Integration of the church with the wider community, in Remuera and regionally.
  • Resistance to the ideologies that support poverty, inequality, militarism, and the unsustainable use of the earth’s resources.
  • Recognition of the importance of beauty, creativity, visual arts, and music.
  • Inquiry, pursuit of truth[s], and theological scholarship.

Key areas of CSL commitments:

  • Progressive worship and liturgy
  • Social Justice
  • Progressive theological education
  • Community care and outreach
  • Youth and children

These commitments and values are supported by robust governance structures, policies, and financial systems that are essential in providing a well-run and well-maintained church and community centre organisation and complex.

“The Thinking Heart” – integrating compassion, care, action, thought, creativity, and spirituality.