St Luke's is at Alert Level Orange.  Vaccine passes are no longer required.
The wearing of masks is still encouraged, especially in common areas.
Our Values and Commitments

Our Values and Commitments

The Community of St Luke has 7 key values, and 5 key areas of commitment

Key values:

  • Spiritual well-being and contemplation.
  • Respect for others, hospitality, and communal care.
  • Inclusion of ethnic/cultural, economic, and gender diversity.
  • Integration of the church with the wider community, in Remuera and regionally.
  • Resistance to the ideologies that support poverty, inequality, militarism, and the unsustainable use of the earth’s resources.
  • Recognition of the importance of beauty, creativity, visual arts, and music.
  • Inquiry, pursuit of truth[s], and theological scholarship.

Key areas of CSL commitments:

  • Progressive worship and liturgy
  • Social Justice
  • Progressive theological education
  • Community care and outreach
  • Youth and children

These commitments and values are supported by robust governance structures, policies, and financial systems that are essential in providing a well-run and well-maintained church and community centre organisation and complex.

“The Thinking Heart” – integrating compassion, care, action, thought, creativity, and spirituality.