Connecting With St Luke’s

Connecting With St Luke’s

Kia Ora - Welcome!

The Community of Saint Luke seeks to be a community:

  • where all are accepted and respected
  • that is ready to use the skills and experience of all its people
  • that believes in everyone’s freedom to search for God, or a meaningful spirituality, to make their own response, and to find a fulfilling life.
  • that believes in shaping and expanding our faith by engaging with wider social concerns

Our approach to Christianity is progressive. We look for truth and inspiration beyond a literal reading of scriptures and we aspire to follow Jesus’ example of lives guided by love, compassion, and justice.

You are warmly welcomed to participate fully in the life and work of St Luke’s simply by joining in events and taking part in our activities

You can also connect with and support St Luke’s more formally as a Friend or as a Member.

  • Being a Friend of St Luke’s means that you can stay connected through regular communication about events and activities and confirms that you support the vision and life of St Luke’s.
  • Being a Member means that you can also participate in the running and management of St Luke’s by being able to vote at business meetings, to nominate other Members into positions in the management of St Luke’s, and to hold such positions yourself.


By providing my contact details, I give permission to the Community of Saint Luke to include these details in the ‘Telephone and Address List’ published with the annual reports, recognising that this list is for use by The Community of Saint Luke only, and that it will not be made available to any other party and may not be used by any other party without my prior permission.