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Zoom Study Group on the book “After Jesus, Before Christianity”

Wednesday 18 May at 7.30pm

The first of four evenings in which Rev Glynn Cardy will be leading an exploration of a new book by three authors from the Westar Institute: “After Jesus, Before Christianity.”

One review of the book says: “From the creative minds of the scholarly group behind the groundbreaking Jesus Seminar comes this provocative and eye-opening look at the roots of Christianity that offers a thoughtful reconsideration of the first two centuries of the Jesus movement, transforming our understanding of the religion and its early dissemination.  Three Bible scholars from the Westar Institute summarize the work of the Christianity Seminar and its efforts to offer a new way of thinking about Christianity and its roots. Synthesizing the institute’s most recent scholarship–bringing together the many archaeological and textual discoveries over the last twenty years–they have found: There were multiple Jesus movements, not a singular one, before the fourth century.  There was nothing called Christianity until the third century.  There was much more flexibility and diversity within Jesus’s movement before it became centralized in Rome, not only regarding the Bible and religious doctrine, but also understandings of gender, sexuality and morality.”

The study group will be facilitated via Zoom. There is no cost for attendance.

Please register your interest by email to pamela@stlukes or phone 09 520 0199