Thursday, 4 July 2019 - 7:30pm

Creation Spirituality: Reawakening Mysticism, Protecting Mother Earth

NEW VENUE: Thursday 4th July, 7.30pm, Selwyn Library, 10 St Stephen's Avenue, opposite Holy Trinity Cathedral, ParnellSpiritual But Not Religious: The Future of Religion and of Spirituality and of the Earth”.

Friday 5th July, 7.30pm, St David’s Presbyterian Church, Khyber Pass. “On Becoming More Deeply Human in a Time of Earth-Crisis and Apocalyptic Warnings”.

Saturday 6th July, 2pm, St Luke’s Presbyterian Church, 130 Remuera Road. “Spiritual Practices for Preparing Spiritual Warriors and Earth Activists in Our Time”.

Saturday 6th July, 7.30pm, St Luke’s Presbyterian Church, 130 Remuera Road. “From Despair and Denial to Hope and Empowerment: How Creation Spirituality Can Enlarge Our Souls and Develop our Warrior Capabilities Toward Healing Mother Earth”.

Sunday 7th July, 9.30am, Preaching at St Luke’s Presbyterian Church, 130 Remuera Road.


Cost for lectures: $10 each, or $30 for all four.


Registration: email to specify which lecture(s) you are interested in.

Payment to The Community of Saint Luke 01 0194 0025723 00 with FOX/your surname as a reference


“Matthew Fox might well be the most creative, the most comprehensive, surely the most challenging religious-spiritual teacher in America. He has the scholarship, the imagination, the courage, the writing skill to fulfill this role at a time when the more official Christian theological traditions are having difficulty in establishing any vital contact with either the spiritual possibilities of the present or with their own most creative spiritual traditions of the past….He has, it seems, created a new mythic context for leading us out of our contemporary religious and spiritual confusion into a new clarity of mind and peace of soul, by affirming rather than abandoning any of our traditional beliefs.”

~Thomas Berry, author of The Great Work, The Dream of the Earth and The Universe Story


$30 for all 4 lectures

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