3rd December 2017


Liturgist & Preacher – Glynn Cardy   Duty Elder – Alexa Johnston

Serving elders - Kay Fenwick, Judith Ray, Rebecca Hayward, Stephen Vincent, Ken Hulls

Readers – Alexa Johnston, Anne Baird

Intercessions – Barbara Smith

Flowers – Margaret Agee   Organist – Grant Hutchinson

Hospitality – Allan Davidson, Margaret Seagrave, Barbara Smith, Albert Numanga, Roger Williams, Beverley Wilson



World Council of Churches’ Calendar – Myanmar, Thailand

Within the Nation – WELFARE AND WELLBEING. Presbyterian Support Services; other churches’ agencies; other caring charities; service clubs; government agencies; overseas aid agencies, overseas non-governmental organisations; counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers.

Within St Luke’s – The Minister – Glynn Cardy; Honorary Associate Ministers - David Connor, Allan Davidson, Roger Hey;  and their families.



1.  PAMELA is taking a day off on Monday 4th December.

2.   DONATION BOX.  Beginning today, the Worship Committee, following the Mission and Ministry consultations, is again to trial the suggestion to have a donation box for our cash and envelope offerings, rather than pass around collection bags during the Offertory Voluntary or Offertory Hymn.  This donation box [a larger one than we previously used] will be in the entrance way as we come into church.  The donation box, along with donations of food, will be brought forward at the end of the Offertory Hymn and left on the Communion Table.  If you haven’t had time at the beginning of the service, and wish to make a donation, come forward after the final Voluntary, and put your donation in it then.  The purpose of this change is to provide a more hospitable atmosphere to visitors.

3.  COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS’ LUNCH Tuesday 5th December, 12.30pm. Please sign the list at reception or RSVP to Pamela by Monday 4th December..

4.  ST LUKE’S SENIORS CHRISTMAS MORNING TEA, Thursday 14th December, 10.30am.  A festive treat awaits all St Lucans who are 70+ years young.  If you would like to come along and share good coffee, Christmas treats, and a good natter, please sign the list at reception, indicating if you require transport.

5.  SOCIAL JUSTICE PRESENTATIONS.  Copies of last Sunday’s presentations by Glynn and Colin are available on the screen bench.  Click here to view Glynn’s online, and here for Colin’s. 

6.  TUATARA COINS.  Some will have heard of the fame of St Lukan Megan Davidson (of whom we are proud), who was recently in the news.  http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/entertainment/2017/11/international-bestse... Megan collected a huge number of the old 5c coins [with the Tuatara on them] for the reknowned American author John Green.

Megan writes:  It was a fun little project to collect coins for a famous author, even though I never got to meet him in person.  Then when he made that video about all the coins he received, I started crying!  So touching.  

I actually took the coins on the plane as far as Seattle, then sent the coins via courier from Seattle to Indianapolis - which cost $500.  My hometown near Seattle is about 2,000 miles away from John Green's hometown, Indianapolis.  And the coins weighed 23kg.  So that's why it was so expensive. But he paid me back.

Most recently, his publicist emailed me to say that John wanted to donate to an organisation in my name, and she wanted me to choose my favourite NZ charity. I told her Tititiri Matangi because there is a tuatara colony there.  :)  I'm sure he'll like my choice.

7.  REVERSE ADVENT CALENDARS.  As we start to approach Christmas, we would like to invite community members to consider an alternative to the kids’ traditional chocolate advent calendar.  The alternative is called a reverse advent calendar. It’s a simple, but really nice idea, and ideal for families with children or grandchildren.  Instead of the kids opening a cardboard window each morning and grabbing a chocolate treat, they add a gift of non-perishable food to a Christmas box, so that on Christmas Day they have a box full of 25 food items that they can bring to church for donation to the Presbyterian Foodbank.  Advent food boxes can be left in Colin’s office until arrangements can be made for delivery to the foodbank.

8.  THE STREET REQUIEM, Sunday 5th December, 7.30pm at the Auckland Town Hall.  GALS, the Auckland Gay and Lesbian Singers is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2017.  The Street Requiem was composed in Melbourne in 2014 by Kathleen McGuire, Andy Payne and Jonathon Welch.  The work seeks to bring a sense of peace, remembrance and hope to communities around the world who are coming to terms with street violence, war and a loss of safety on the streets.  GALS will be joined on stage by other Auckland choirs for the Requiem, with the first half comprising each choir presenting a few of their favourite choral pieces.  Proceeds from the event will support Auckland City Mission, Lifewise and Rainbow Youth.  Tickets from Ticketmaster

9.  ST LUKE’S BIKE RIDE 3-4th MARCH 2018.  PAIHIA TO THE HOKIANGA.  The ride involves staying in Paihia night of Friday 2nd March then cycling as a group between Paihia and Kaikohe on Saturday, and Kaikohe to the Hokianga harbour on Sunday.  Bus to and from start and finish points each day. Can return back to Auckland Sunday evening. Each day is 40km. Almost all of the ride is flat. Details of the ride on https://www.nzcycletrail.com/trails/twin-coast-trail/.         Due to need to book the bus well in advance, bookings have to be confirmed by end of December, plus the cost of bus for both days which is $100 in total.  You will need to arrange you own accommodation in /around Pahia for both nights. Bikes can be hired from http://paihiamountainbikes.co.nz/  Phone: 0211878192. Further info from Ken Hulls

10.  PARISH COUNCIL MINUTES.  Further to last week’s notice that minutes will in future be posted on the website, this is just to note that minutes for a particular month will posted following their approval at the subsequent Parish Council meeting.

11. WHITE RIBBON CAMPAIGN.  You will see around the Community Centre, and on our billboard out front, that we are again supporting the anti-domestic violence White Ribbon Campaign.  The emphasis this year is on raising our boys to show respect.  There is a pamphlet and white ribbon to collect in the foyer.

12.  HOSPITALITY FOR JANUARY.  Many thanks to those who have already volunteered.  We are still looking for help for all Sundays in January.  Please sign the list at reception if you would like to help.


For our Prayers:

Please remember these members of our community:

Ann McKenzie died this last week and her funeral is at St Luke’s on Monday at 1.30pm.  Please remember Alan, and their children David and Kerryn [and David and Kerryn’s families in the UK].
Karl Woodroffe [grandson of Olinda and Colin] is now out of intensive care in Brisbane and beginning the long journey towards recovery
Margie Sadler

Please also remember the 305 victims, and their communities, of the terrorist attack at the Sufi Al Rawdah (Paradise) Mosque in Sinai on Nov 24th.  The attackers seemed to be of the fundamentalist Salafi persuasion which sees the Sufis as heretical because they engage in meditation, have a tradition of spiritual instrumental and vocal music, recognise great Muslim saints, and have often played the role of spiritual activists against the French domination of Algeria, apartheid in South Africa, the brutal Assad regime in Syria and the depravities of ISIS. 

Please note that the people above have given permission for this information to be shared.



Organist – Grant Hutchinson


 130 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland 1050  

Community Centre & Church Office: Phone 520 0740

Website www.stlukes.org.nz     Facebook www.facebook.com/stlukesNewmarket


Minister: GLYNN CARDY  021 545 969; glynn@stlukes.org.nz

Community Director: Colin Rose  520 0199  021 987 220; colin@stlukes.org.nz

Administrator: PAMELA DAY  520 0740; pamela@stlukes.org.nz

Parish Council Convener: DAVID McNABB; dmcnabb@unitec.ac.nz

Parish Clerk: KEN HULLS kenhulls@xtra.co.nz

Envelope Secretary: MARGARET TIBBLES, 846 7682 (h); margtibbles@gmail.com


PASTORAL.  If you know of anyone needing support, a listening ear, a phone call or a visit at home or in hospital,

please contact Pamela pamela@stlukes.org.nz



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