St Luke's Interfaith

 “The Community of St Luke is a Christian congregation embedded in the way of Jesus and in that spirit committed to learning from and with all who seek to contribute to the healing of our wounded world. In particular the Community of St Luke is deeply committed to promoting interfaith engagement as an expression of peacemaking in our time and an opportunity to share the wisdom each of our traditions brings to the nourishment and healing of the human family. “

 CSL has an ongoing programme of engagement with people of other faiths.
Our pilgrimages in the worlds of our neighbours provide opportunity for participants to explore the faith worlds of other people and to receive  wisdom from within their traditions and practice. We seek friendship in the presence of difference. 
 CSL has cherished and active links with a variety of faith communities and interfaith bodies.  
 CSL regards interfaith friendship as an active outworking of our commitment to the inclusive, reconciling and hospitable way represented by Jesus. 
 One of our Honorary assistant Ministers, The Rev Dr Keith Rowe, is identified as' Interfaith Enabler' within CSL. 
 Ongoing information about the CSL interfaith commitment and programme is available on the website and in the annual programme available at the church. 


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