Sunday 10 July 2016



Liturgist  - David McNabb    Duty Elder – Trevor Mosley  

Serving elders – Allan Davidson, Stephen Vincent, Kay Fenwick, Muriel Carruthers,

                                    Valmai Trainor, Lyn MacKinlay, Trevor Mosley

Readers – Dorothy McCarrison, Sally Ibbertson   Intercessions – Bev Mosley
Organist – Tim Carpenter   Soloist – Neil Wright    Flowers – Barbara McDonald

Hospitality – Philip Clarke, Kerry & Jill Stotter, Alexa Johnston, Barbara Smith, Pamela Groombridge, Muriel Carruthers

SLIKS – Karen Fehl



World Council of Churches’ Calendar – Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela

Within the Nation – ENVIRONMENT.  People working to protect the environment, providers of non-renewable and of renewable energy, workers at power stations, electricity and gas maintenance crews; those who clean public places and amenities; waste operators; those who maintain water, storm water, sewerage facilities.

Within St Luke’s – Angela & Brett Murdoch, Rachel, Laura, Stephanie; Martin & Susan Needham;

                                Margaret Neilson; Judy Nicholson



1.  TODAY’S service on The History of Sacred Music has been prepared by Kathryn Jones. 

2.  PILGRIMAGE INTO THE WORLD OF OUR SUFI NEIGHBOURS.  TODAY, 11am - 12.30pm: Experiencing the Sufi way, led by Sheikh Ali Boorooni at St Luke’s.  Sunday July 17th, 11.00 - 12.30pm at St Luke’s: Returning home and reflecting on the pilgrimage into the Sufi world. 

3.  TODAY, THE COUNCIL OF CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS AGM.  2pm at the Ponsonby Mosque with guest speaker Katherine Jennings on “Turkish carpets - what they tell us about Anglo-Ottoman relations”.  Katherine is working a thesis relating to Muslim art as seen in carpets.  This rather unusual historical topic will open up some fascinating insights into art in the Muslim world, relationships between the West and the Muslim world, and between Christianity and Muslim.

THE SUNDAY ROAST, 17th July 12noon.  A monthly meal for people who live alone, so feel free to bring friends who also live alone.  Please book your meal by 10am on the previous Friday. You can sign the list at reception, or email Pamela. 

4.  SEA OF FAITH meets on Sunday 17 July at 4pm.  “What Did Leonardo and Michelangelo Really Think of Women?”  You are invited to come and watch this intriguing video followed by some lively discussion.

5.  BEWARE OF THE IRD SCAM!  Over the past several weeks, thousands of people have been phoned by scammers claiming to be from the IRD asking for immediate payment of outstanding IRD debts and threatening legal action – they even leave voicemails asking to call Wellington or Auckland numbers. Please be aware of this and just hang up.

6.  THANK YOU!  Javad & Ameneh Sanginzad thank the St Lucans who provided them with garden tools.  They are both very grateful.


CHRISTIAN HISTORY IN AOTEAROA NZ: THE 19th CENTURY.  Dr Allan Davidson presents a four lecture series continuing the story of Christianity.  Looking at the role of the churches in nineteenth century New Zealand history, these lectures will explore: the dislocating impact of the wars of the 1860s; the influences of sectarianism in shaping education; the attempts to impose ‘Christian morality’ on society; and the role of churches in taking the gospel ‘to the ends of the earth’.  A series of four lectures July 21st, 28th (not 27th). August 4th and 11th.  Cost $40 for the series or $10 per lecture.

THE MYSTERIES OF THE UNIVERSE WITH KEN HULLS.  In understandable terms what is the Big Bang, how did the universe evolve, just what does it consist of? Where do we fit in? The wonders of nature on planet earth can inspire us spiritually. Can the majesty and mystery of the universe have the same effect? What are planets, stars and galaxies and what is dark energy and dark matter? Can these and other mysteries be grasped? We know from recent decades of science and measurement that we live on an insignificant spec of rock in a vast and possibly infinite universe. But we are amazing beings with above all, minds that can ask the questions and be aware of our position – so perhaps not so insignificant. How did we get here, why are we here, are we alone? The Mysteries of the Universe, a series of three talks by Ken Hulls describes the universe scientifically, as background to these mysteries and to provide context to these questions.  Three Wednesdays in August beginning on the 17th at 7.30pm.

9.  QUAKER LECTURE. A peaceful world: how can we make it so?  Is it too big a job for me, or my friends?  Marian Hobbs, a Quaker and former Labour Minister of Disarmament suggests answers to these, and other questions in the Annual Quaker Lecture to be held in the Clouston Hall at St Cuthbert’s, Epsom, 122 Market Rd Epsom, Saturday 16 July at 7.30pm.  During an interactive lecture, Marian will draw on her years of advocating for peace at community, governmental and international levels.

10.  AUCKLAND WELSH CHOIR.  A Kiwi choir with a Celtic connection.   The Auckland Welsh Choir is giving a concert at St Luke’s on Sunday 11th September at 3pm.  The main item will be a performance of Ola Gjeilo’s “Luminous Night of the Soul” written for double choir and piano with strings.  Any member of the St Luke’s Community Choir is welcome to take part in the performance to sing an exciting contemporary choral piece.  The frequency of rehearsals you would need to attend can be arranged to suit people’s musical reading ability.  Normal rehearsals are Thursday evenings 7.30–9.30pm at St Barnabas Church Hall, cnr Mt Eden and Bellevue Roads plus wo Saturday morning rehearsals on 3rd /10th September, 10am-12noon at One Tree Hill College, Penrose.   For more information please contact Judith McMorland 027 675 1718 or  Ola Gjeilo: ttps://    

11.  RECYCLE FOR SIGHT.  The Lions Club International is collecting old reading glasses for recycling to help others to see better.  Please place any donations in the box reception.

12.  MINDFUL SELF-COMPASSION (MSC).  Enrolments for this eight-week course, taught by Health Psychologist Anna Friis, are now open.  Starting Tuesday July 26 at St Luke's, the eight sessions start at 6.15pm and finish at 8.45pm. In this course you will learn to: *practice mindfulness and self-compassion in your daily life *learn how to handle difficult situations and emotions with greater ease *learn how to motivate yourself with kindness rather that criticism *learn tools to transform challenging relationships *learn tools to manage caregiver fatigue. For further information (and the research) see the websites www.,  or  Anyone for whom costs might be a barrier should contact Anna


Service Information until Glynn’s return on Sunday 14th August 

July 17th – Kathryn Jones – The Meaning of Music
July 24th – David McNabb – Maori Language Week
July 31 & August 7th Keith Rowe



 ·       WEDNESDAY, 12.30pm, mid-week communion
·       THURSDAY, 10 – 12noon, Mah jong
·       THURSDAY, 1 – 3pm, Knitwits – a knitting and craft group – all welcome
·         FRIDAY, 11am – 12noon, Centering Prayer



 9.30am Community Worship

Liturgist – Jill Stotter    Duty Elder – David McNabb   Organist – Stephen Vincent

Readers – Robin Flynn, Helen Wadsworth   Intercessions – Allan Davidson

SLIKs – Rebecca Hayward


 130 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland 1050  

Community Centre & Church Office: Phone 520 0740

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Minister: GLYNN CARDY on leave until 10.8.2016  

Interim Moderator: ALLAN DAVIDSON 021 103 1980.

Community Programmes Manager:   CAROL FRASER  520 0199;

Youth Worker: MARIA CARDY  021 111 2592; 

Administrator: PAMELA DAY  520 0740;

Parish Clerk:  ANGELA MURDOCH: 

Parish Council Convener: DAVID McNABB;

Envelope Secretary: MARGARET TIBBLES, 846 7682 (h);


PASTORAL.  If you know of anyone needing support, a listening ear, a phone call or a visit at home or in hospital,

please contact Pamela


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