Sunday 29th October 2017



Liturgist – Jill Stotter   Preacher – Glynn Cardy   Duty Elder – Trevor Mosley
Reader – Tom or Margaret Agee   Intercessions – Kerry Stotter
Organist – Stephen Vincent   Flowers – Anne Baird

SLIKS – Helen Wadsworth

Hospitality – Ken & Bridget Hulls, Penelope Stevenson, Muriel Carruthers,

                        Roger Williams, Gill Maxwell, Rachel Goffin                                                                                                    HAL TAUSSIG



World Council of Churches’ Calendar – Canada, USA

Within the Nation – TRAVEL. Tourists and pilgrims; hoteliers and other providers of accommodation; those who maintain places of interest, tour guides and tour companies, tourist information centres.

Within St Luke’s – Office-holders: Parish Clerk – Ken Hulls;  Parish Convenor – David McNabb;  Presbytery Elder – Trevor Mosley; Honorary Treasurer – Paul Martin; Administrator – Pamela Day; Community Director – Colin Rose



1.  WELCOME to those visitors who have come this morning to support Noel McGrevy who will be ordained as an elder, and Betty Xu, who will be baptised during today’s service.  The Birds of Paradise in today’s flower arrangement were provided by Noel in memory of his parents Andrew and Mavis McGrevy. 

2.  HAL TAUSSIG.  This coming Thursday night at 7.30pm, Hal Taussig, a professor for many years at Union Theological Seminary in New York, will be speaking here on "The First, Second, and 21st Centuries: More Spirit, Less Rules.”  Hal has been sponsored by the Progressive Theology Common Dreams network and comes highly recommended as an able and interesting speaker.  Cost $20/$15.  Please sign the list at reception.  Hal will also be speaking at Mairangi Presbyterian Church, 10 Penzance Road, at 11.30am next Thursday on the topic “In the Beginning was the Meal”.  Cost $10.  Bring your own lunch.

3.  TODAY at 5pm, DANTE ALIGHIERI CHAMBER MUSIC CONCERT.  Featuring Il Raccolto New Zealand German Baroque.  With Wolgang Kraemer, recorder; Milena Parobzy, violin; Luca Manghi, flute; Edith Salzman, cello; Rachel Griffith-Hughes, harpsichord.  Music by Telemann, Bach Tickets: $25/$20 for Danté members and $10 students. 

4.  PAMELA is on leave from Thursday 2nd November, returning to her cubbyhole on Tuesday 14th November.  Is anyone interested in being at reception for 2-3 hours on a week day morning?  We’re looking to set up a roster of who can help when.  Nothing too arduous - reception duties and a few emails.  Please let Pamela know if you would like to help.

5.  ADC QUIZ.  The recent quiz raised an impressive $16,500 for ADC’s partner project in Myanmar - the equivalent of 800 new loans.  Thanks to the St Luke’s team who tried very hard!

6.  THE PARISH CONTACT DIRECTORY is available on the screen bench.  More copies can be printed.

7.  MISSION AND MINISTRY.  Next Sunday, 5th November at 11am, we will be having the first of three opportunities for parishioners to come together to share views on our MISSION AND MINISTRY at St Luke’s.  The three questions Parish Council wishes to hear from you on are:

-             What has worked well in the past?

-             What hasn’t worked well?

-             What would you like to see [or see more of] in the future?

Everyone present will be given an opportunity to speak, and the ideas will be recorded to help guide the Parish Council as we launch into 2018.  There will be two after church discussions [11am on November 5th and 19th], and one mid-week discussion [7.30pm November 14th].  The intention is that everyone has the opportunity to attend one of these discussions. 

8.  SOCIAL EVENING, Friday 10th November, 6.30-8pm.   The Parish Council will be hosting a social evening for anyone to attend and informally meet other members of the Community.  In particular, new members and those who have begun worshipping with us occasionally are warmly welcome.  Light refreshments will be served. Please sign the list at reception.

9.  3rd NATIONAL PROGRESSIVE SPIRITUALITY CONFERENCE.  Plans are underway for St Andrew’s on the Terrace in Wellington to host the conference, titled: "Common Ground".  It will be held in early September [either the first or second weekend]. :

10.  HOSPITALITY TEAM FOR NOVEMBER.  Pam Elgar & David McNabb, Tom & Margaret Agee, Nick Paschalis, Judith Ray, Kay Fenwick. 



1.Two new associate members, Helen and Malcolm Peterson, were welcomed.

2.The goal of the Progressive Theology pillar is to have 3 educational courses during a year [led by Glynn] and 3 guest speakers/lecturers.  In 2018, in early September, there will be the 3rd National Progressive conference in Wellington.  The guest speaker, the Australian David Tacey, may fly in via Auckland and speak to us here.  Glynn is looking for ideas of who other speakers during the year might be.  Please share your ideas with him.

3.There are two interfaith pilgrimages being planned for 2018 – one with the Zarathustrians and one with the Baha’i. 

4.The Social Justice theme for 2018 is “Leaving Prison for Good”.  A number of ideas are being explored in relation to this theme, including guest speakers, working with organisations trying to help prisoners and their families [e.g. Pillars], and an art show.

5.CRT gave a summary report on the financial year to date.  It was pleasing to note that giving has increased steadily and significantly since a low point in the middle of the year and following the Stewardship Campaign in May/June

6.Elder Visiting.  Most parishioners now have an elder assigned to them.  There are however new people joining the parish quite regularly and they will need to be incorporated into our visiting/contact programme.

7.The Parish Council will be hosting a social evening on November 10th at 6.30pm. 


VISITORS: If you would like to know about the Community of Saint Luke, including membership, or simply to join the mailing list, please fill out the blue “Welcome to St Luke’s” form (in pews) and put in the box on the screen bench

9.30am – A Celebration of Heresy: 50 years since “The Heresy Trial”
Volunteers required for Liturgist, Duty Elder, Readers & Intercessions

Organist – Grant Hutchinson


130 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland 1050  

Community Centre & Church Office: Phone 520 0740

Website     Facebook


Minister: GLYNN CARDY  021 545 969;

Community Director: Colin Rose  520 0199  021 987 220;

Administrator: PAMELA DAY  520 0740;

Parish Council Convener: DAVID McNABB;

Parish Clerk: KEN HULLS

Envelope Secretary: MARGARET TIBBLES, 846 7682 (h);


PASTORAL.  If you know of anyone needing support, a listening ear, a phone call or a visit at home or in hospital,

please contact Pamela



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