Sunday 6 August 2017



Service Co-ordinators – Glynn Cardy, Kathryn Jones, Nick Paschalis

Hospitality – Albert & Emona Numanga, Glenda Tabuteau, Leo Hobbis, Robin Flynn, Sue & Geoff Olliff



1.  VIOLENCE DIVINE, the lecture series by JD Crossan, continues this Tuesday.  The Heart of the Torah & Deuteronomy Rules.

2.  FROM GENES TO GENDER with Dr Judy Nicholson on Thursday, 10th August at 7.30pm.  Judy will be providing simple explanations about some of the ‘who knows how many” steps that can occur from when an embryo inherits an XX or XY combination of sex chromosomes to the physical, hormonal, and mental development of an adult human being with a range of potential sexual orientations. The end result is often not nearly as clear cut as many people want to believe.  This knowledge has helped Judy understand (in retrospect) the tough journey of a close relative who spent a good part of their adolescence and adulthood conforming to expectations that a physical body demanded - sets of behaviours which were increasingly difficult to maintain.  Suggested donation/koha $10.  Please sign the list at reception or email Pamela

3.  MOZART’S REQUIEM IN D MINOR Saturday 12th August at 7.30pm.  This concert is part of the fundraising benefit series for resounding the St Luke's organ.  Musical direction by Elizabeth Lau, supported by the professional instrumentalists from the Wairua Sinfonietta and sung in Latin with professional soloists and the St Luke's Community Choir.  Tickets can be bought through Eventfinda.  Cost $45 or $35 concession.  Door sales available.  Please sign the list at reception if you plan to attend.

4.  THE CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER GROUP meets every Friday morning at St Luke’s between 10.30 and 11.30 am, followed by morning tea in the Common Room.  This is an interdenominational group which practices meditation which gives a deepening and sustaining experience of silence, leading on to inner peace and wellbeing.  All welcome.  For more information, contact Marjorie Blakeley on 585 1192 or Robin Flynn on 529 0116.

5.  ARE WE A MORAL NATION?  THE UPCOMING ELECTION & INEQUALITY with Richard Randerson on Wednesday 16th August at 7.30pm.  This seminar examines the socio-economic realities for New Zealand and offers a critique of the neo-liberal values which underpin them. By contrast, Gospel values of mutuality and well-being raise critical questions about choices for all Kiwis in the September 23rd election.  Join us at 7.30pm for 75 minutes, $15 waged $10 unwaged.  Please sign the list at reception. 

6.  CEILIDH THANK YOU.  A week ago we had a wonderful Ceilidh here at St Luke’s – with pipes, whisky, haggis, dancing, poetry, and glorious food and company.  We are very grateful to the hardworking organizing team of Margaret Davidson, Carol Fraser, and Robin Flynn – and the many people who assisted them.

7.  OFFERTORY.  On most Sundays our liturgy includes an ‘offertory’. This is a time to pause and consider our blessings and what we might offer God in return.  At St Luke’s we usually have an offertory voluntary played on the organ while collection bags are passed around. After the bags and a basket of non-perishable food are brought forward, we join in a prayer that encapsulates this sense of blessing, gratitude and giving.  Nowadays most parishioners make their financial offerings by automatic payment although some give by the envelope system, putting envelopes containing their offering in the collection bag.  At Parish Council we have discussed a concern about collection bags and whether they can be off-putting for those not used to church culture. After discussion and consultation with the Resources Team and Worship Committee, Parish Council would like to trial a slightly different system in the month of August.  Instead of passing around collection bags we will have an offertory box on the screen bench. As people enter the church for worship they can place their envelopes or donations in the offertory box. At the end of the offertory voluntary this box and the basket of food will be brought forward as usual.  Please note that following the pattern of the last two discussion-style services, we will not have an offertory today. If you wish to make a donation or are part of the envelope system please place your offering in the offertory box on the screen bench.

8.  LITTLE LIBRARY.  Parish Council has approved in principle St Luke’s being part of the ‘Little Library’ movement.  You may have noticed that in various parts of Auckland, and outside some churches, there are these little community libraries that border the footpath.  Those who live nearby, or are simply passing by, can take a free book home to read.  Others may like to add a book to the little library.  The purpose is both to encourage reading and to offer a free community service to our neighbourhood.  The set up costs are minimal, and various companies have provided building materials free of charge.  We now need to work with the organisers of the movement, John and Yvonne, to design a ‘little library’ that would look good in front of St Luke’s.  If you are interested in being part of this design phase, please contact Glynn

9.  APPOINTMENT OF PRESBYTERY EXECUTIVE OFFICER.  The Northern Presbytery Council is pleased to announce that Dr Rod Watts has accepted the position of Presbytery Executive Officer of Northern Presbytery.  Rod is from Melbourne, married, with three adult children, and came to New Zealand in 1996 to establish an adult rehabilitation hospital for Auckland DHB.  After four years managing this new initiative he was a senior manager for the Disability Directorate, Ministry of Health, for five years. Many of you might know Rod, for in 2006 he became Chief Executive of Presbyterian Support Northern, a role he fulfilled for just over ten years.  This included three years representing Presbyterian Support New Zealand on the Board of the Council of Christian Social Services (most of this time as its President).  As you would be aware, during the last ten years PSN has had a strong focus on extending its services to make a difference to many more vulnerable New Zealanders, building relationships in local communities, and engaging with the Presbyterian Church.  Rod left PSN last month and as a Christian states that "I am in a stage in my life where I no longer want to work full time.  I am, however, looking for an opportunity to still make a difference for something I can believe in" Rod sees the mission of Presbytery to be Christ in action, making a difference to people and communities.  We are looking forward to Rod's contributions as Executive Officer, for he has considerable strengths in a number of areas, such as: developer of organisations, including structures, systems and processes; strategy development and putting plans into action; evaluation that informs how to get results, relationship development based on transparency, respect and trust, communication and engagement; and facilitation, including resolution of conflict and issues.  His central focus through his career has been in the service of others.  Rod commences on 14 August and will be working 30 hours/ week.  

10.  WINTER LECTURE: Chaplaincy and NZ Christians in Science.  'Dark Matter, Dark Energy: A Physicist reflects on Psalm 139', with Professor Jeff Tallon.  Lecture at 6pm with light refreshments from 5.30pm. All welcome.  Wednesday 9th August at Maclaurin Chapel, University of Auckland (18 Princes St, City).


9.30am – Community Worship

Liturgist – Jill Stotter   Preacher – Glynn Cardy   Duty Elder – Peter Winder

Serving elders – Rebecca Hayward, Karen Fehl, Maria Winder, Peter Winder, Dorothy McCarrison, Judith Ray

Readers – Penelope Stevenson, Gloria Jenkins   Intercessions – Peter Winder

Organist – Michael Bell

SLIKS – Margaret Parr & Rebecca Hayward   Crèche – Maria Cardy


130 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland 1050  

Community Centre & Church Office: Phone 520 0740

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Minister: GLYNN CARDY  021 545 969;

Administrator: PAMELA DAY  520 0740;

Parish Council Convener: DAVID McNABB;


Envelope Secretary: MARGARET TIBBLES, 846 7682 (h);


PASTORAL.  If you know of anyone needing support, a listening ear, a phone call or a visit at home or in hospital,

please contact Pamela


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