Weekly Notices for 18 March 2018



Liturgist – Sue Olliff   Preacher – Glynn Cardy  

Cantor – Neil Wright   Duty Elder – Geoff Olliff   Flowers in the Centre – Margaret Agee

Readers – Lynne Maude, Marjorie Blakeley   Intercessions – Rosalie Lockwood

SLIKS – Helen Wadsworth & Gill Maxwell   Organist – Grant Hutchinson

Hospitality – Curt & Megan Davidson, Lynn Maude, Olinda & Colin Woodroffe, Noel McGrevy



World Council of Churches’ Calendar – France, Germany, Monaco

Within the Nation – THE ELDERLY.  Those living in their own homes; those in rest homes; elderly confused; people operating and working in homes for the elderly; geriatric wards and staff; individual care-givers; charities helping the elderly

Within St Luke’s – Kay Fenwick; Peter & Brenda Fenwick; Robin Flynn



1.  WHAT’S IN A NAME?  Today at 11am, you are invited to join a discussion about our name and, by implication, who we are and what we do.  The purpose of the meeting is to talk about the issue rather than arrive quickly at a conclusion.  As a way of introduction Colin, our Community Director, has penned the following:

Since starting as Community Director six months ago I have come across a large number of people in the community who have been confused by the name, “The Community of St Luke,” to describe the centre’s location and purpose.

A lot of people who call to enquire about The Community of St Luke assume that it is located in Mt Alber

The full purpose of the Community of St Luke complex is also not clear in our name. When ‘The Community of St Luke’ is written on a sign in front of the church it suggests to some that all of the activities that take place inside the buildings are religious. The name makes no reference to the fact that we have a complex of meeting rooms that are open to all the community, irrespective of their faith.For some who hear the name for the first time, The Community of St Luke can sound like an exclusive, religious order (it did to me the first time I heard it!).

I understand that St Luke’s ‘rebranded’ itself as “The Community of St Luke” in the mid-90s, with the ‘community’ consisting of (at its heart) the Sunday worshipping congregation, spreading out to embrace all the groups and individuals who use the complex. It’s a wonderful concept and works well for those who already know about it, or hear of it from current users. However from the outside looking in, the meaning is far from clear.

2.  SEA OF FAITH, today at 7pm, invites you to hear Rev Dave Mullan on “From prostate cancer to voluntary euthanasia”.  Dave was diagnosed with cancer 15 years ago and has been campaigning for the rights of terminal patients ever since.  Dave has just completed a submission for the Select committee hearings on the End of Life Choice bill. 

3.  END OF LIFE CHOICE BILL.  In the latest copy of our Presbyterian national magazine, SPANZ, there is an article on our MP’s End of Life Choice Bill.  This article reflects the majority opinion of NZ church leadership which is opposed to the bill.  However there is also a minority opinion, not reflected in SPANZ, that gives qualified support to David Seymour’s bill.   If you wish to read one such minority opinion this one http://www.anglicantaonga.org.nz/features/extra/3_eolc is by three Anglican bishops [one a former lecturer at Knox, and the other two former students there].  There are printed copies of this available on the screen bench.  Glynn also preached on this subject in 2015 http://christiansforve.org.au/tag/rev-glynn-cardy/

4.  FIRST N THIRD MORNING TEA, Tuesday 20th March, 10.30am.  All welcome.

5.  PARISH COUNCIL meets Wednesday 22nd March, 7.30pm.

6.  AN EVENING SERVICE? There has been some discussion and interest expressed in exploring the idea of an evening service at St Luke's.  There are many things to discuss before such a service could happen: type of service, music genre, leadership etc; as well as time, day, and frequency.  On 25th March, after our morning service at 11am, those interested are invited to come together to discuss this.  If you are interested, but can't make it on the 25th, please email Glynn glynn@stlukes.org.nz

7.  PAMELA is taking some leave over the next three weeks to spend time with her family visiting from overseas.  Barbara Smith will be helping at reception on the days Pamela will be away.

8.  YOUTH GROUP for years 7-10 meets from 5 - 6.30pm on Sunday 25th March and Sunday 8th April. 

9.  EASTER SERVICES.  Maundy Thursday 7pm.  Good Friday 9.30am.  Easter Day 9.30am.  Full details, particularly regarding choral and instrument music [and guest musicians], can be found here.

10.  BOOK LAUNCH “PURSUING PEACE IN GODZONE.  Friday 23rd March 6-7pm,  Friday 23rd March 6-7pm, John Kinder Library, St John’s College, 202 St John’s Rd, Meadowbank.  Refreshments from 5.30pm.   Allan Davidson has had some involvement in this book and a chapter, "Compulsion or Conscience: Alun Richards and Opposition to Compulsory Military Training, 1927-1930" in its companion volume, Saints and Stirrers: Christianity, Conflict, and Peacemaking in New Zealand, 1814-1945, ed. Geoffrey Troughton, (Wellington: Victoria University Press, 2017).

11.  WATERFRONT HALF MARATHON, Sunday 8th April.  David McNabb, along with Sarah and Andrew Colgan, are taking part to raise funds for ADC.  Click here if you would like to support David in his endeavours.    

12.  PHOTO-BOARD.  We would like to create a photo-board for the entrance way into the church where photos of individual parishioners (with names underneath) can be displayed in order to assist, particularly new members, to know who is who.  You may have an existing photo of yourself suitable for this, or you may like Roger Williams to take one of you.  Roger is available after church for the next 4 Sundays to take your photograph if you wish. 

13.  HABITAT FOR HUMANITY CURTAIN BANK.  Wanted, pre-loved, full-length curtains in good condition for low income families that have been identified by the District Health Boards as having children with serious respiratory illnesses.  Curtains can be dropped off at St Aidan’s Church, cnr Ascot Ave, Remuera, during office hours (9am-3pm: Mon-Fri).  Also needed are machine sewers who are able to give up half a day to make up curtains from donated material.  For more information, please call Barbara Weir on 523 3116.

14.  AUCKLAND HERITAGE FESTIVAL, 29th September – 14th October.  “Nga iwi o Tamaki Makaurau – celebrating the heritage of our people”.  This presents St Luke’s with a great opportunity to put on an event to promote understanding of our heritage, perhaps through a workshop, lecture or guided tour. If anyone is interested in forming a small working group to put an event together, please contact Colin colin@stlukes.org.nz or on 520 0199 to discuss further.


VISITORS: If you would like to know about the Community of Saint Luke, including membership, or simply to join the mailing list, please fill out the blue “Welcome to St Luke’s” form (in pews) and put in the box on the screen bench

9.30am – Community Worship

Organist – Stephen Vincent   SLIKs – Martin Needham & Rebecca Hayward


 130 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland 1050  

Community Centre & Church Office: Phone 520 0740

Website www.stlukes.org.nz     Facebook www.facebook.com/stlukesNewmarket


Minister: GLYNN CARDY  021 545 969; glynn@stlukes.org.nz

Community Director: COLIN ROSE  520 0199  021 987 220; colin@stlukes.org.nz

Administrator: PAMELA DAY  520 0740; pamela@stlukes.org.nz

Parish Council Convener: DAVID McNABB; dmcnabb@unitec.ac.nz

Parish Clerk: KEN HULLS kenhulls@xtra.co.nz

Envelope Secretary: MARGARET TIBBLES, 846 7682 (h); margtibbles@gmail.com


PASTORAL.  If you know of anyone needing support, a listening ear, a phone call or a visit at home or in hospital,

please contact Pamela pamela@stlukes.org.nz




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