Weekly Notices for 8 April 2018



Liturgist – Nick Paschalis   Preacher – Susan Adams   Duty Elder – Barbara Smith

Readers – Penelope Stevenson, Judith Ray   Intercessions – Rebecca Hayward

SLIKS – Helen Wadsworth & Neil Wright   Organist – Stephen Vincent   Flowers – Anne Baird

Hospitality – Alan & Viv Hayward, Dorothy McCarrison, Vaana Langdon, Betty Xu, Sue & Geoff Olliff


World Council of Churches’ Calendar –Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania

Within the Nation – MONEY.  Money lenders; mortgage brokers; bankers; accountants; economists; shareholders; stockbrokers; insurance workers; service and manufacturing industries; the extremely rich; people in serious debt; the destitute

Within St Luke’s – Joan & Denis Hardy; Rebecca Hayward & Neil Wright, Frazer, Christina; Vivienne & Alan Hayward



1.  A WARM WELCOME BACK TODAY TO SUSAN ADAMS. Glynn is away until Wednesday 11th April.  For emergency pastoral care, contact Ken Hulls or Allan Davidson. 

2.  YOUTH GROUP for years 7-10 meets this evening and then again on Sunday 6th May, 5 - 6.30pm.

3. LEAVING PRISON FOR GOOD.  On Thursday 12th April at 7.30pm, the Leaving Prison for Good series starts up again with Professor Chris Marshall giving a lecture titled ‘Correction or Repair? What Makes Restorative Justice A Different Way of Proceeding?’  Chris is the Diana Unwin Chair in Restorative Justice at the School of Government, Victoria University in Wellington. His research focuses on restorative justice theory and practice, and its many applications in society. He also has a strong interest in conflict resolution and peacemaking. His theological work has focused strongly on the biblical and spiritual roots of the restorative justice vision.


1.  Election of new members to Parish Council. 

Callum Hunter: “I have been attending St Luke’s since moving back to Auckland in July 2017, having enjoyed a 7 month break with my family in Tauranga, after 4 years of study at Auckland University.  I grew up attending St Peter’s Presbyterian Church in Tauranga, a church my family are still a part of, and during University was involved in the Equippers City Campus, and now am loving being a part of the St Luke’s community.  Having moved back to Auckland for a job in advertising, I’m permanently based in the city - other than the odd weekend away visiting family or travelling the country with friends, and am looking forward to spending my time playing an active part in the life of St Luke’s going forward." 

Eleanor Stanton: “I have been coming to St Luke's church on and off since I was a pre-schooler.  My mother, Isabel, facilitated the move and she and my father, Allenby, were active members for many many years.  My life has moved in and out of Auckland over the last 30 years.  I was very involved in Pitt St Uniting Church in Sydney, for much of this time, serving on the parish council and as an elder.  I have returned to being firmly based in Auckland, though still with a little work in Australia, and am looking forward to taking a more active part in the Community of St Luke.”

Rodger Smith:  Being Presbyterian is in my DNA. My Scottish great treat grandparents were members of First Church, Dunedin, in 1848.  A great uncle was Moderator of the Church and my father was a minister. I was on Parish Council from 2005-11 and on the Community Development Team. Now retired. I worked in Community Services including with offenders of sexual and domestic abuse. I studied theology and ministry at Moody Bible College, Chicago and Melbourne College of Divinity.  After 5 years away from St Luke’s recovering from a health issue, I believe I now have sufficient energy and commitment to be part of the Parish Council.

Nick Paschalis: First stepped through the doors of St Luke 25 years ago after a couple of years away in England.  Was asked by the then minister David Clark if I was 'church-shopping'? (which, at the time, I guess I was).  Since then this place has become something of a 2nd home.  I love the open inclusiveness, the liturgy and sense of community.  As someone who is pretty passionate about music i'm looking forward to seeing how this continues to develop at St Luke.  My wife Rebecca & I have recently moved home after 10 years in Meadowbank to St Heliers with our cat Ollie and daughter Charlotte to be closer to her high school.  Am looking forward to making a return to Parish Council after something of a sabbatical year.   

2.  Formal agreement to enter into a contract with Pierce Pipe Organs and get the refurbishment underway. Background information and a recommendation from the Organ Fundraising Team will be available shortly.

 4.  THE SUNDAY ROAST, 15th April.  A monthly meal for people who live alone, so feel free to bring friends who also live alone.  Please book your meal by 10am on the previous Friday. You can sign the list at reception, or email Pamela.

5.  SEA OF FAITH, Sunday 15th April, 4pm.  “Gravitational waves, and the history and future of the universe” presented by our very own Ken Hulls.  Ken has Ph.D in Physics, had a career in engineering management, and is now involved in the public communication of science.  The theory says that mega-events like two giant black holes colliding could cause a ripple of gravitational waves right across the universe.

6.  WORKING BEE, Saturday 28th April to undertake important minor maintenance. As many as feel able will be welcome.

7.  THE CHURCHES IN NZ IN THE INTER-WAR PERIOD (c1918-c1940).   Allan Davidson continues his annual series on four Tuesday evenings beginning 1st May at 7.30pm.  Cost $40 for the series or $35 concession. Please register at reception.

  1 May - Reviving the Church or Reforming Society?
  8 May - The 1930s Great Depression – business as usual or radical social change?
  15 May - Peace and Pacifism - alternate voices to war
  22 May - Ecumenical beginnings leading the formation of the National Council of Churches

8.  ADVANCE NOTICE: St Luke’s is part of the Progressive Theological network across New Zealand and Australia called Common Dreams.  In addition to visiting speakers touring NZ and Australia, Common Dreams holds a conference every 3 years.  The next one, CD4, will be in Sydney July 11-14th 2019.  Its theme is “Sacred Earth: Original Blessing, Common Home” and the keynote speaker is Matthew Fox. 

9. SOUP KITCHEN At our first Soup Kitchen gathering ten people enjoyed a delicious first century Galilean meal at a long table lit by olive oil lamps. The next occasion will be on Friday 18 May. Theme to be announced.

For our Prayers:

Margaret Seagrave has a broken hip and shoulder and is recovering in Auckland Hospital.

Please note that the people above have given permission for this information to be shared.


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SUNDAY 15th APRIL 2018
9.30am – Community Worship

Liturgist – Noeline Creighton   Preacher – Glynn Cardy     Duty Elder – Ken Hulls

Readers – Noel McGrevy, Judy Nicholson   Intercessions – Bruce Miller

Organist – TBC


 130 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland 1050  

Community Centre & Church Office: Phone 520 0740

Website www.stlukes.org.nz     Facebook www.facebook.com/stlukesNewmarket


Minister: GLYNN CARDY  021 545 969; glynn@stlukes.org.nz

Community Director: COLIN ROSE  520 0199  021 987 220; colin@stlukes.org.nz

Administrator: PAMELA DAY  520 0740; pamela@stlukes.org.nz

Parish Council Convener: DAVID McNABB; dmcnabb@unitec.ac.nz

Parish Clerk: KEN HULLS kenhulls@xtra.co.nz

Envelope Secretary: MARGARET TIBBLES, 846 7682 (h); margtibbles@gmail.com


PASTORAL.  If you know of anyone needing support, a listening ear, a phone call or a visit at home or in hospital,

please contact Pamela pamela@stlukes.org.nz




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