Social Justice

Social Justice

St Luke’s has a strong commitment to social justice. Each year we put on a lecture and discussion series focused on a particular social justice issue and invite speakers experienced in the subject to give a talk and take part in question and answer session to broaden our understanding of these important issues.  Some of the topics we have covered in recent years include prison reform, climate change, sustainability, and poverty and inequality. 

He Puapua

In 2022 our lecture and discussion series focused on He Puapua (the report of a working group on a plan to realise the UN declaration on the rights of indigenous people in Aotearoa New Zealand). 

The aim of the series was to provide an opportunity for our community to learn more about organisations or situations where a co-governance model has worked, or is currently working well, in order to try and promote the positive aspects of this governance model for all New Zealanders.

We started our series on 31 March with a talk by Pat Snedden and Tama Davis (Chair and Co-Chair of Auckland District Health Board on The Practical Aspects of Promoting Equity in the Health System.

Here is a recording of the Zoom talk:

One of the points that was raised in the Q&A session after the talk was that people who struggle with the concept of co-governance perhaps fail to see the difference between equity and equality. The button below takes you to a useful article that explains the difference between the two.


Here are some resources on He Puapua that you might find of interest:

Click this button for information on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Click this button to see a copy of the He Puapua report

Click this button to see a great interview with Professor Jacinta Ruru, co-author  of the He Puapua report, that screened on TVNZ’s Q&A show on Sunday 10 April 2022.

Here is an interesting perspective on He Puapua from an article that appeared recently in NZ Listener