Glynn Cardy

Glynn Cardy

Phone: +64 21 545 969

I’m Glynn.  The minister at St Luke’s.  That means I get an allocated parking space.  Which comes in real handy.  Cause it’s crowded around here lots.  

It also means I do things like write sermons, make coffee, research sermons, make more coffee, preach sermons, drink coffee…  

I do some other things too.

I’ve been a minister for ages.  Like 31 years.  I’ve worked mainly in Auckland, and mainly as an Anglican.  I like Auckland.  I think they should make the rest of the country a national park, or a zoo.  Especially Wellington.  Just saying…

I’m married to Stephanie and we have four adult children.  All of whom live with us.  Plus two cats.  We like dogs too.   And horses.   

For relaxation I like to tramp in places where there is no cell phone reception.  I also go to the gym to sit on a ‘cycle, race my heart, and read novels.  It works for me.

If you ask Google about me you’ll find lots of stuff.  Some of it’s true.  

If you want to come and have a chat with me, send me an email at or text me on 021 545 969.